Women's Work Initiative

The Mom Project Officially Arrives on the West Coast

Women's Work Initiative Launches in San Francisco to Increase Female Workforce Participation at Scale


"The same companies at the forefront of technology are now leading the charge by impacting the future of work, and it matters tremendously. We're thrilled to be working with innovative leaders in the Bay Area who are deeply committed to creating organizations where women and families can thrive. This is a huge moment for working parents, especially moms, to  see these companies jumping on board to support them through this initiative.” 

- Allison Robinson, CEO of The Mom Project

West Coast Women's Work Initiative Partners

Innovation, Conversation & Connection

The Women's Work Initiative is rooted in three key themes essential to the success of women in the workplace; Innovation, Conversation & Connection.

The San Francisco event series highlights (below) were brought forth during a week of curated programming and connection opportunities. Company leaders and moms convened to push the initiative forward, working together to pave new paths forward and inspire collective action.  



Can Tech Save Working Parents?

First impressions are everything. That's why we knew The Mom Project's West Coast Launch had to be bold. And as we began planning our kick-off event in San Francisco (one the global epicenters of innovation), we also knew that we couldn't be afraid of asking big, sometimes overwhelming questions.

So we did.

To kick off our series, we gathered 75+ thought leaders, influencers, and innovators in the tech and people industries to join us as we explored a question on many of our minds: Can tech save working parents? The immersive innovation session unfolded in three parts.


  • The Problem: Dr. Pam Cohen, President @ Mom Project Labs, kicked off the conversation by exploring the most critical pain points that are holding back working moms and dads. Interested in seeing Pam's research? Click here to download. 


  • The Solution: We were joined by an incredible panel of tech leaders and founders that have developed products and platforms aimed at easing some of the major pain points that plague working parents. The discussion proved that we all work better when we all work together - especially when it comes to #famtech. Panelists included:
    • Childcare: Lynn Perkins, Founder & CEO, Urbansitter
    • Logistics: Sara Schaer, Founder & CEO, Kango
    • Nursing: Vickie Mrva, President & CMO, Willow
    • Maternal Health: Natasha Prasad, VP of Customer Operations, Cleo
    • Behavioral Health: Nicola Kamath, Head of Product Marketing, Ginger
    • Community: Jill Koziol, Co-Founder & CEO, Motherly


  • The Takeaway: Heidi William, CTO @ tEQuitable, rounded out the morning with final comments how we can all do better for our employees, our colleagues, and people in general. We can't lose sight of just how much of an impact our own singular efforts can have in making things better for those around us. Let's keep pushing today for a better tomorrow. 


While the innovation session didn't uncover a "silver bullet" fix for the working parent problem, it was inspiring to see just how many innovative solutions are out there in support of working parents - and all people. We are still in the early stages of making family-friendly workplaces a reality for all, but it is apparent that the future is bright. 


Tech Panel
Tech Panel
Tech event


The New Working Parenthood

Brilliant ideas are born from lively discourse. While there is no shortage of innovation or creativity on this planet, our best thoughts and major breakthroughs often come when we are asked to speak up and share our ideas with peers and leaders.

In the spirit of fostering productive conversations in the name of better supporting working parents, The Mom Project curated an intimate roundtable discussion in partnership with our friends at Uber.

Over 50 leaders in the HR, D&I, and ERG space gathered for a conversation around “The New Working Parenthood” and how we as HR leaders need to do more by speaking up not only parents at our organization, but all people.

Idea sharing and openness were the major themes of the afternoon, activated in three ways throughout the event:


  • Perspective: Alison Crawford, Global Program Manager, D&I @ Uber, shared a keynote about her inspiring life. Although Alison has moved in many directions both professionally and personally, she has managed to follow her true north by building a career that allows her to speak up and advocate for those who need it most. 


  • Insight: Alison and Dr. Pam Cohen, President @ Mom Project Labs, shared research around "The New Working Parenthood" ad discussed who we need to support parents at all phases of their parenting journey - not just the parts most people are comfortable discussing.


  • Access: Attendees shared personal stories and professional experiences throughout the event, creating a space where thoughts flowed freely. 


This discussion was the first of many. We can't wait to bring this conversation on the road as we work to uncover brilliant new ideas that we can only make stronger by coming together. 


Innovation from within


Your Career; Fair.

When we first imagined this event hosted by The Mom Project, we wanted to revamp the mechanics of career-connecting. We knew working parents deserved an experience "beyond the booth" to make meaningful steps in their career journey. 

We envisioned a physical space and time where interesting and innovative companies had the opportunity to talk directly to you about the ways in which they are doing right by working parents. In fact, we wanted them to pitch YOU. 

Thus, Your Career, Fair was born, built to shine a light on great companies and incredible moms through:


  • Connection: Attendees heard from selected companies (including Twitter, Uber, Kintone, Green Hasson Janks, Chime, Babylist, CareerCircle, Salesforce and more...) and then had the opportunity to network with them directly about current openings and company culture.


  • Community: 250+ of you showed up in full force, and hopefully were able to look around and say, "we are all in this together, let's do this right." The energy was incredible.


  • Confidence: We activated stations for resumé reviews, glam-ups and headshots. They were so well received that we're already thinking about how we can make these events even more interactive (and how we can bring those features to those who aren't able to attend events)!


The "pilot" career event exceeded our wildest expectations, and we have you to thank. You showed up, you showed support from near and far, and you proved that the conversation around work and how companies and parents can join together to inspire meaningful change is the hottest it's ever been. 

P.S. We are taking Your Career, Fair on the road in 2020! More to come...

Your Career, Fair
Your Career, Fair
Your Career, Fair

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