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The Mom Project has always led the movement to help women from diverse backgrounds remain in the workforce. In late 2020 we launched a non-profit,, and its kick-off initiative, RISE. RISE is an upskilling certification program designed to center women and moms of color, and reach those who are traditionally underrepresented in the workforce. We are here to challenge stereotypes and create access to advancement in one’s career.

Certification programs work with your demanding schedule, as they can be completed at your own pace but must be completed within six months of your start date. The RISE program hosts community events, and provides professional support in optimizing your resume, linkedin profile, interview prep and more. We’ll also connect you to knowledgeable speakers and professionals in relevant fields to add to your educational experience. Once your certification is complete our team will assist with job search support and provide pathways to our diverse network of companies that value you, your experience, your career, and your family. All at no cost to you.

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Click here to learn more in-depth information about each Google certification program. Click here to learn more about the IBM Customer Success program.

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What is RISE?

Is this program only for moms or women of color?

What certification programs are available?

Does help with job placement?

Do I need to have prior experience or a degree to be accepted into the RISE program?

What resources are available to program participants?

What is the schedule like once I am enrolled in the RISE program? How long does it take to complete the program?

Is there any cost to program participants?

Can you participate in more than one RISE upskilling certification track?

Do I need to be a United States citizen to participate in the RISE program?

My career experience is not in tech but I want to transition careers, can these certifications help me?

Can I access the community and RISE program resources without enrolling in a RISE upskill certification?

Will I need to sign a contract as part of my participation in RISE? Will I be financially responsible if for some reason I cannot finish the certification?

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