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You’ve got the flexibility that moms want—so show it off.

Flex work is the new workplace currency, and companies who deliver on flexibility have an edge over the competition.

By Powering Your Flex, you can tap into the power of a flexible workforce with moms. Promote equity by extending support to moms through flexible work improve productivity and loyalty by facilitating work-life integration. 

Join The Mom Project Pledge to Help Moms and Companies Win. 


The Moment for Flexible Work is NOW

Together We Can

  • Reimagine the workforce
  • Empower families
  • Promote inclusivity
  • Create adaptable and equitable workplaces
  • Invest in progress

Since February 2020, the economy has experienced a net loss of over 3 million jobs, with women accounting for 68.5% of those losses.






In March 2022, for every woman who left the labor force, nearly 10 men entered it.



Building the future of work together


We unite forward-thinking organizations with top talent to activate progress and accelerate growth.


Pledge to Flex with TMP

By reframing the narrative surrounding success and flexibility in the workplace, we're unlocking the collective economic potential of moms and companies.

Join Us.

Together we can build a more diverse, equitable and accessible innovation economy for all.