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As Offices Return to Work, Are Jobs Coming Back for Women?

As Offices Return to Work, Are Jobs Coming Back for Women?
A Check on Where We're At, What Women Can Do

Whether companies are returning to the office or remain telecommuting, what does that mean for the overall numbers of jobs for women? Mom2Mom’s Maria Sansone checked in with Allison Robinson, CEO of The Mom Project, for an update on where we are at, and what women can do if they are juggling kids and telecommuting, a return to the office, or are looking for a job.

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"I never could have predicted the setback that women would have experienced in 2020, and frankly ongoing. It's been a really tragic year, as 3 million women left the workforce, experienced layoffs and schools transitioned to completely remote. For companies, it's brought to light the challenges women have faced. Companies are seeking to support with new benefits such as childcare subsidies and mental healthcare. We're seeing actual change. At The Mom Project we have the distinct privilege of being on the front line of some of these conversations with corporate leaders. Companies are really stepping up and having the urgency to get moms back into the workforce, some who previously committed to making dozens of hires with TMP, are now committing to making 100s of hires."

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