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Let's do this!

We move forward when we move together.

RALLY is a community-driven program designed to give you a space to connect for 1-on-1 advice (give, get, both) right where you are. Whether you are looking for insights, resume help, a supportive ear from a mom who's already traveled your road, or have a wealth of knowledge to share about your field, you'll find a meaningful connection in our community. 

Cohort Schedules 

Our 2022 schedule will become available later this year.

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What is RALLY?


RALLY Success!

"If anyone is hesitant about joining RALLY for whatever reason, especially if you're not a mom by traditional standards, I highly encourage you to sign up. If you are even remotely having these thoughts, you're probably an ideal candidate. RALLY is about building community, acceptance, encouragement, creating safe and inclusive spaces, and just overall sisterhood and the empowerment of women...It is so meaningful and exactly what I needed to get me through." 

-Kimberly, RALLY Booster 

"It's been wonderful to connect with a fellow mom working hard to figure out life post-baby and how that fits into the world of work and what we each want professionally and personally. 

-Lillian, RALLY Booster 

"I left with many tangible takeaways and action items to better update my resume and LinkedIn, which is what I was primarily hoping to accomplish. I also really enjoyed my conversations with my mentor, we had a lot in common, and shared a wealth of knowledge." 

-Lauren, RALLY Boostee




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