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RALLY is an initiative led by The Mom Project to connect community members, providing space for you to give advice, get advice or both. 

RALLY allows you to connect 1-on-1 with a community member. It is designed to meet you right where you are in your career journey, providing space for you to give advice, get advice or both. You'll meet with your mentor or mentee at least once a month to inspire, connect and grow in your journey. Read more about RALLY and the importance of mentorship. 


Cohort Schedule: Winter 2024 

*Registration may close early due to a high volume of applicants*

Mentor Open Registration Date: 12/11/23 - 1/12/24 

Mentee Open Registration Date: 1/3/24 - 1/12/24


What is RALLY?



Apply to RALLY, and we'll match you with another community member at no cost. We take the information submitted in your application to determine the right fit to support your career journey.


Get Matched

Once you're matched with a community member, you'll meet 1:1 once a month for the next three months (or more if your schedules or needs align). Keeping in touch after your match term is up is excellent. But not required. 

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RALLY Training 

You will attend a short RALLY training session to help you maximize your time, set expectations, and build an experience to get you closer to achieving your career goals. 


RALLY Success!

"If anyone is hesitant about joining RALLY for whatever reason, especially if you're not a mom by traditional standards, I highly encourage you to sign up. If you are even remotely having these thoughts, you're probably an ideal candidate. RALLY is about building community, acceptance, encouragement, creating safe and inclusive spaces, and just overall sisterhood and the empowerment of women...It is so meaningful and exactly what I needed to get me through." 

-Kimberly, RALLY Mentor 

"It's been wonderful to connect with a fellow mom working hard to figure out life post-baby and how that fits into the world of work and what we each want professionally and personally. 

-Lillian, RALLY Mentor 

"I left with many tangible takeaways and action items to better update my resume and LinkedIn, which is what I was primarily hoping to accomplish. I also really enjoyed my conversations with my mentor, we had a lot in common, and shared a wealth of knowledge." 

-Lauren, RALLY Mentee

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Ready to RALLY?

Due to a high level of interest, the application to become a mentor & mentee is now closed. We will be sharing updated dates soon for the next cohort. We appreciate your patience!

Apply as a mentor:

Apply as a mentee:


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