The Mom Project and Accenture Midwest Partner to Create Positive Change

Here at The Mom Project, our goal has always been to support our Community with career opportunities tailored to their needs. That’s why we’re partnering with Accenture, an employer dedicated to gender equality in its workforce and learning opportunities for its employees. 

"Parents are struggling right now. They are scaling back, stepping back and seriously considering what their careers look like during a very challenging time,” said Allison Robinson, our co-founder and CEO. TMP_Article_Accenture_Interior4-2

Accenture has set bold goals to achieve a gender-balanced workforce by 2025. The 150 highly-coveted roles at Accenture Midwest will primarily be in the technology, strategy and consulting practice groups.


The goal of this program isn’t just about hiring, it’s also about listening to and working to provide what many say they need most: flexibility and balance in their work life, mentoring and community from other employees who share their challenges, and learning and development opportunities to drive their careers forward. 

If you’re interested in a role with Accenture Midwest, we encourage you to apply. We’re actively screening applicants currently to put forward for available roles, and will continue to expand listings throughout our partnership

At The Mom Project we know that our Community makes companies better, just by being there. 

“We’ve seen that our members are highly productive, highly engaged employees that employers can count on to drive successful business outcomes. They just have to count on us to create a space where they can feel supported, listened to and seen."


Ready to work at Accenture? Discover available opportunities here

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