How Moms Make Workplaces Better

The Mom Project: How Moms Make Workplaces Better

Why hire moms? Well, according to our most recent WerkLabs Study,  moms in the workplace mean more positive overall employee experiences, greater workplace inclusivity, heightened productivity and increased retention across the board.

In short, moms make the workplace better. Here’s how based on what our research tells us. . 


Women work alongside moms enjoy work more than women who don’t. And, across genders, mom managers have a reputation for prioritizing employee well-being and keeping their teams well-informed better than other managers.


Moms sitting in the CEO seat are a sign to other women that diversity and inclusion efforts are a top priority at a company, 80% of women surveyed told us. Only 58.5% feel the same about organizations where the CEO is not a mom. When it comes to equity, mom leaders are seen as 15% more fair than other managers. 

10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_communication “I am one of the very fortunate people that has a manager who understands the importance of regular communication. She actively works to make sure the team’s ideas are heard and that our needs, individually and collectively are met."—”Why Moms,” WerkLabs


Women with mom coworkers rate their anticipated productivity for next year 12% higher than those without mom colleagues.  At the same time, two-thirds of women with mom managers say their managers enhance overall team productivity. Eighty-one percent of employees surveyed rated moms managers favorably for encouraging collaboration among teams.


Women who work alongside and for moms are 27% more likely to recommend their employers, according to our survey. In fact, women managed by moms more frequently report that their work experiences exceeded expectations.


Want to keep women in the workforce? Hire moms. Female employees with mom colleagues are more likely to stay at their current employers for at least five years. On the flipside, women who don’t work with moms are 22% more likely to leave their current employers within the next year than those who do.

The truth is moms can be a major asset to any company. Now is the time to prioritize hiring, retaining and promoting moms in the workplace.

10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_TipNeed some guidance on creating a more mom-friendly workplace. Contact our friends at WerkLabs, the employee experience experts. 

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