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Topic: Workplace Culture

Small Business Bootcamp: Employee vs. Contractor vs. Independent Contractor

By Tiffani Campbell on February 3, 2021

Business is growing. New projects and more deadlines are lining up. You need to fill a critical role in your business with fresh talent. It's time...

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Small Business Bootcamp:  Hiring Guide

By Tiffani Campbell on January 28, 2021

Your small business is growing, and it's time to expand your team, the idea of which can, admittedly, appear overwhelming, especially when juggling...

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Growth & Life Experiences in 2020: Silver Linings of COVID-19

By The Mom Project on January 11, 2021

WerkLabs surveyed over 1,200 individuals to learn more about the life experiences of moms since the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, with a specific focus...

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Hiring Guide: Interviewing and Evaluating Moms Returning to Work

By The Mom Project on December 17, 2020

Moms make workplaces better. Our WerkLab data proves it out. Having working mothers as part of the team makes for more positive employee experiences...

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How Moms Make Workplaces Better

By The Mom Project on November 13, 2020

Why hire moms? Well, according to our most recent WerkLabs Study, moms in the workplace mean more positive overall employee experiences, greater...

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How COVID-19 Changed Work for Moms

By The Mom Project on November 12, 2020

Since the onset of COVID-19, employees and workplaces universally are working to find footing while navigating an ever-evolving situation. To gain a...

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The Mom Success Factor: Valuing the Role of Moms in Organizations

By The Mom Project on November 11, 2020

Through surveying 500+ working professional women, our partners at WerkLabs quantitatively measured the value-add of moms as colleagues and managers....

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Building a Better Workplace: 10 Drivers for Women’s Success at Work

By The Mom Project on November 11, 2020

To uncover the 10 most important drivers to working moms, The Mom Project asked more than 1,000 mothers from diverse backgrounds to rate what matters...

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