Beeline Diverse Talent Cloud Powered by The Mom Project (BDTC)

Making Diversity a Priority

We all know workplace diversity is good for business, increasing company profitability, efficiency and innovation. It is also a key component for attracting and retaining the talent of tomorrow. But it isn’t easy to implement. In fact, companies that have agreed to release diversity statistics related to their workforce show how little progress has been made even when it’s considered a high priority at the executive level. 

A diverse workforce means the ability to have a wider variety of skills, experiences and perspectives, which delivers a more prosperous, sustainable way of doing business. It also puts companies in a position to relate to a broader customer base, a key component of doing business in today’s globalized market.

Many companies have partnered with MWBD-owned businesses for their contingent workforce programs to show their commitment to putting spend through a diverse-owned business, which is a positive first step. The problem is the talent coming through those providers isn’t necessarily diverse. 

For many organizations, finding diverse candidates to interview, removing unconscious bias from the hiring process and getting tangible reporting and analytics on how diverse talent is impacting the bottom line has been challenging. 

Until now. 

Beeline Diverse Talent Cloud Powered by The Mom Project

Beeline and The Mom Project have partnered together to help solve these complex challenges. The Beeline Diverse Talent Cloud (BDTC) powered by The Mom Project is the only platform on the market that connects you with curated communities of pre-vetted and ready-to-work gender and ethnically diverse top talent. Our bias-free, AI-enabled matching and data-driven recruitment expertise mean an easier, faster path to building and growing a more inclusive workforce. 

"Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives typically address companies' full-time labor, but neglect their equally important extended workforce. We don't believe that is due to a lack of desire, but rather a lack of viable and easily implementable solutions. Diverse Talent Cloud is an effective, plug-and-play answer. Our values are closely aligned with those of The Mom Project, and we have enjoyed a strong, results-based partnership for over a year. Together, we will help companies achieve their DE&I goals." Doug Leeby, CEO of Beeline

We believe talent pools that are inclusive in nature, engage talent throughout the hiring process and are curated and vetted using subject matter experts, will offer both talent and organizations a more diverse workforce. This means more engaged workers, higher retention, increased referrals and a culture that promotes diversity—all while making the company more successful and profitable. 

👉 Our collective goal is to positively impact the contingent labor landscape in favor of underrepresented minorities (URM) in a way that is both scalable and provides the agility companies need in today’s globalized market.  

Candidates sourced via BTDC are highly-skilled and represent key areas of diversity, including:

  • Culture, race, ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Religious or spiritual beliefs
  • Gender, including transgender
  • Generational
  • Sexual orientation/sexual identity
  • Veterans

How it works

Diverse Talent Cloud can be easily accessed through your Beeline VMS’ tiering functionality. Tiers can be applied by industry, job classification, geography and other specific requirements based on your internal projects. Once a requirement is released in Beeline, you will have diverse candidates flowing into your sourcing process immediately. 

All of this occurs with virtually no change management because hiring managers are already used to inputting requirements into the Beeline platform. The BDTC is simply another avenue for sourcing candidates, but this avenue is filled with pre-vetted, diverse talent that is available and ready to make an impact. The process is efficient, cost-effective and will move the needle on a company’s diversity goals. 

“Study after study shows that diverse teams outperform non-diverse ones. That is one of the many reasons that it is critical that you ensure that the talent your contingent workforce program engages is diverse as well. Beeline’s Diverse Talent Cloud powered by TMP is an easy way for companies to meet their diversity goals as the partnership allows them to quickly add TMP as a supplier and, via our integrated solution, easily get access to a diverse slate of candidates: women, veterans, individuals who identify as LBGTQ, and more.” Brian Hoffmeyer, SVP Market Strategy, Beeline

BDTC white-glove Curation Managers will have access to the BDTC, proving a seamless fit into your current program workflow. They will ensure hiring managers are receiving the most qualified talent for their roles. Beeline remaining as the system of record for your contingent labor. 

This contingent labor spend can also be tracked and analyzed for reporting purposes, so companies can see where they’ve met their diversity goals and where they need improvement. 

Built with community in mind

We understand impacting diversity and inclusion doesn’t end with one hire. Our collective organizations are committed to providing mentorship and support for underrepresented minorities throughout every step of their professional career. 

All BDTC spend includes an associated contribution to 501c3 and corporate sponsorship of RISE, a scholarship program committed to accelerating equity for moms of color and supporting them during their employment journeys. RISE also empowers women to accelerate their careers and earning potential in a way that is attainable and realistic to set them up for success. We believe this builds more inclusive, stronger communities for all. 

“When a client adopts BDTC, they’re not only going to find the best potential candidate because of the expanded diverse talent pool, but portions of the proceeds are funneled back into the RISE initiative to further assist in the support of the upskilling and opportunity creation for women and families. It’s a virtuous circle that feeds the program and the mission benefiting everyone involved. Elevating women of color by providing scholarships to highly sought after certificate programs to enhance her career without compromising her authenticity.” Allison Robinson, co-founder and CEO of The Mom Project

Diversity as a culture

While BDTC will help solve some of the roadblocks companies face in improving their overall diversity, priority must be given to educate leaders, managers and teams about its importance. In a survey by Clutch, researchers found just 17% of workers at companies across America support increased recruiting of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.

Just 20% of employees value hiring women in leadership positions and only 14% said they find value in boosting LGBTQ awareness and sensitivity at their companies. 

👉 Until diversity becomes something the entire workforce cares about, the hope for a more inclusive workplace will be just that—hope. Educating companies about all of the benefits of a diverse workforce is everyone’s job. Allyship is critical, and Beeline and The Mom Project are committed to offering it. 

Our partnership will allow organizations to implement diversity best practices, neutralize bias throughout the hiring process, operationalize diversity programs/policies and become a trusted partner that diverse candidates want to work for. This will improve culture, brand and ultimately lead to a more successful bottom line through increased productivity, engagement and innovation. That’s a win for all involved. 

As a part of our commitment to this topic, this is the fourth in the series “Diverse Talent Cloud -- the Future of Work, intended to help shed light on their importance, ways to integrate them into your existing talent strategies, implementation best practices, and how to best support these initiatives organizationally. We look forward to sharing more with you soon. In the meantime, be sure to sign up for more information and to learn how we can help you unlock the power of moms.

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