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RISE is a scholarship program committed to accelerating equity for moms and women of color by providing access to upskill tech certifications, while harnessing the power of community, support, and job placement—in six months or less, and at no cost to participants!

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RISE is so much more than upskilling certifications. We're a nonprofit that provides community and support in a program that truly sees her and her needs, and elevates her without compromising authenticity.

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RISE certification programs

Flexible. Fast. Free.

Certification programs take three to six months to complete, and the timing is flexible, so it works with your demanding schedule. The RISE program hosts community events, and provides professional support in optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile, interview prep, and more. We’ll also connect you to knowledgable speakers and professionals in relevant fields, to add to your educational experience. Once your certification is complete, our team will assist with job placement through our diverse network of companies that value you, your experience, your career, and your family. All at no cost to you.


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How we RISE

Let's close the representation & pay gap in the workplace

Women have the power, courage, and talent to lift their families up by their bootstraps...but the shoes have to fit. MomProject.org is the community, support, and platform that sees her, and elevates her without compromising her authenticity.


Greater income. Greater advancement opportunity.

Advancing in a career is challenging for all moms, but inequality for moms of color makes getting ahead even harder. RISE, powered by MomProject.org, empowers women to accelerate their careers and earning potential in a way that's attainable and realistic, setting moms up for success.

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MomProject.org is proud to be a committed partner to women and those from underserved communities striving to succeed in the digital economy. MomProject.org launched in 2020 with RISE.

The mission of RISE is to elevate moms and women of color by providing scholarships to highly sought-after certification programs, enhancing her career and increasing earning potential and economic opportunity without compromising her authenticity.

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We are always looking for partners and companies whose values and mission align with ours. Connect with us today to chat about ways we can make an impact together.

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