Bringing Flexibility to Your Team

Introducing a flexible-work policy to your company requires not only a grasp of the different types of flex-work styles,  but also means effectively communicating options and information to your employees. Information like who can request flexibility, how to request flexibility, which offerings are off the table for certain roles—and why—and where to go with questions or concerns. 

Ground those conversations in the following guiding principles to optimize your rollout. 


10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_hand-shakeTRANSPARENCY AND TRUST 

Flexibility requires openness, professionalism, transparency, and trust. Encourage ongoing conversations from your team about what is working and what isn’t so that minor disruptions don’t become major issues. 


10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_progressBALANCE WITH BUSINESS NEEDS 

Come from “a place of yes” when considering flexible arrangements, while also acknowledging any constraints of roles, team impact and potential impact on business goals. 


10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_cultureREASON NEUTRAL 

Whether prompted by caregiving responsibilities, lifestyle updates, or simple preference, as long as the flexibility works within the role and team, the personal reasons behind the request should not matter. 


10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_communicationFLEXIBLE, FLEXIBILITY 

There will be times when individuals will need to be flexible with when and how they use their flexibility. A strong policy takes that into account. 


Keep in mind, there is no 'one size fits all' approach to implementing flexibility, but if you use our four principles as a guide, whatever you come up with is sure to benefit everyone involved. 

10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_reportDownload our "Best Practices: Implementing Flexibility" guide for more tips and information on rolling out flex work to your team.


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- November 13, 2020

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