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The Mom Project has committed $500,000 to help fund the employment of moms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grant funds are eligible for existing Mom Project customers to extend existing contractors or hire for new roles within our talent community.

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Why this matters now more than ever

The impact of COVID-19 is widespread, but moms are facing particular strain. Pre-existing inequities such as the motherhood penalty and gender wage gap will only be exacerbated by this pandemic. Now is the time to ensure the success of moms in the workplace. Our families, our workplaces, and our economy depend on it.

Our commitment

The Mom Project is committed to supporting moms at every stage of their career journey, now more than ever. We’re doing this in a big way through our Stronger Together Fund, and we’ll continue to seek out meaningful ways to support our talent community and employers.


A few of the other ways we’re here to help:

Job Opportunities

Through our job marketplace, The Mom Project connects our talent community with roles at world-class employers.

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Employee Experience

WerkLabs helps business leaders answer their biggest questions to better support and engage employees as the workplace evolves.

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Career Coaching

Our Unity Program helps job seekers impacted by COVID-19 hardships by pairing them with professional coaches.

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Resume Creation

We launched Resume Rev to take the pain out of resume creation and help job seekers own their story.

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Real moms

Stronger Together Fund information for employers

We’re thrilled to announce the $500,000 Stronger Together Fund.

Its purpose is simple: to support moms and the family friendly employers who believe in them by offering grants to our existing employer partners to help fund the extension of existing contractors or enable new full-time roles through The Mom Project.

  • Grants are eligible to companies with fewer than 5,000 employees.
  • Funds can be applied to talent take home pay as well as fees associated with creating new full time roles.

Additional questions?
Current customers can get more information on applying Stronger Together Funds to existing or new roles by connecting with their Customer Success Manager.

Not currently hiring with The Mom Project?
Sign up on our website to create an account and post a role or email for more information.

Real moms