How to Write a Mom-Friendly Job Description

Writing a job description

Making sure you’re writing a job description that accurately reflects the role responsibilities and attracts the right candidates can feel like a job in itself, right? Well, The Mom Project has you covered! Working with candidates and companies to fill thousands of roles in tech, marketing, HR, sales and more has given us a good sense of what works and why. 

In fact, we have a catalog of ready-made job description templates for roles varying from Accountant to Administrative Assistant. Using them is as simple as copying and pasting, and editing the text to align to your role.

But, before you get started, take a moment to think through and sketch out the following. 

1. Company Summary—Consider this your pitch to candidates, and describe your company with as much detail and pride as possible. When you use The Mom Project to fill roles, for example, talent won’t know your company name until they secure an interview so your description is incredibly important in attracting the candidates you want. Share what your company does, your mission, and what sets you apart. The Mom Project partners with empowering and family-friendly companies. Make sure this comes across in your summary!

2. Position Summary—This is your 2–3 sentence description of the position. How would you describe it to a coworker in the elevator?  Write a few lines,  including high-level objectives, required skills or tools, and the team the position will sit on. Is there a training process with this role? What will the first two weeks on the job look like? If applicable, include supervisors or any direct reports.

10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_communicationCOMMUNICATE INCLUSIVELY

The language you use matters. Studies show men are more likely to apply for jobs when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, while women are more likely to apply only when they meet 100% of the qualifications.

3. Role Responsibilities—Start with top priorities and essential functions, working down to smaller tasks. Make sure you understand what tasks will be performed, which initiatives need support and execution, the deliverables the candidate will work on day-to-day,  the deliverables this candidate will work on long-term and which teams will the candidate will collaborate with, if any? Use strong action words like develop, build, collaborate, drive, integrate, or assist.

4. Candidate Qualifications—The more specific your requirements are, the more on-target the applications you’ll receive. Ask yourself and your team what skills and competencies are necessary for the role. Avoid generic phrases like “excellent communication skills”, “strong work ethic”, or “proficiency in Microsoft word”.

5. Disclaimers, Benefits, and Perks—Your company values flexibility and diversity, right? Well, then own it! Bring benefits to life! Call out the cool perks!. Opportunities for professional development or mentorship programs are great selling points and should be highlighted. 


Writing an inclusive job description will help ensure you get the widest range of qualified talent for your role. A few suggestions:

  • Stick to your true must-have requirements, so that your “nice to haves” don’t get in the way of relevant applicants.
  • Use gender neutral pronouns, “you” instead of “he” or “she”.
  • Avoid vague language that might sound fun, but could be unintentionally unclear or tied to gender. (Do you really need a “Sales Ninja”, or are you looking for a “Sales Associate”?)
  • Skip corporate jargon and acronyms 
  • Call out  family-friendly policies or benefits 
  • Highlight any company recognition or awards or workplace flexibility or diversity or  inclusion.


Now that you’ve got the tips and tools for writing a job description, do you have an open role you’re ready to fill? Login and post a role.

10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_TipWhen creating your job posting in The Mom Project marketplace, you’ll be asked to include Flex Factors like schedule, ability to work remotely, and amount of travel. These factors help our algorithm better match you with qualified talent awaiting their best  opportunity. It also helps moms who have schedule restrictions apply to the right jobs, so be sure you know the specifics for the role!

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