Conveying Culture in a Virtual World

The Mom Project: Communicating culture in remote workplaces

Complete workplace overhauls are happening across every industry. Companies are shifting their talent pools to include a mix of employee types—remote, contract, independent; pivoting to virtual office spaces, and leveling up digital communication and collaboration.

So what does that mean when it comes to highlighting workplace culture in this new environment? The answer is simple: Embrace the changes. 

Mind your online presence —How you show up online says a lot about your company and culture. What messages are your posts, images and media mentions conveying about your values, mission and vision? Make sure they represent your company as you are and want to be seen.

Put down the phone—Video offers so many more engagement opportunities. The Mom Project’s new video interview service, for example, offers a platform to showcase ways of working in the remote space. Screen sharing, group chats, etc. can all contribute to an engaging recruitment experience. 

10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_communicationScheduling a The Mom Project video interview is easy. 

  1. Go to your job posting.
  2. Select your candidate then send three time slots.
  3. Candidates receive an email with scheduling info.

Open up events—Your virtual webinars and employee-engagement events offer opportunities to give candidates a taste of your unique workplace culture. Invite them to participate, and follow-up to get a sense of what they took away. 

Go offline—What kind of materials and information can you send pre-interview or post to create a sense of connection? T-shirts? Stickers? Food for a breakfast or lunch interview? Marry the tactile and the technical to created a connection. 


Looking for tips on conducting great video interviews? Download and share our tips found here!


Got any other tips for communicating culture in remote environments? Share with them the hashtag #TheMomProject.


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