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Topic: Identifying Candidates

Your Advocacy Toolkit

By Colleen Curtis on March 8, 2021

Why Hire Moms? Moms are one of the largest segments of diverse talent in today’s workforce. If you’re not tapping into this talent pool, you’re...

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Small Business Bootcamp: Employee vs. Contractor vs. Independent Contractor

By Tiffani Campbell on February 3, 2021

Business is growing. New projects and more deadlines are lining up. You need to fill a critical role in your business with fresh talent. It's time...

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Small Business Bootcamp:  Hiring Guide

By Tiffani Campbell on January 28, 2021

Your small business is growing, and it's time to expand your team, the idea of which can, admittedly, appear overwhelming, especially when juggling...

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Hiring Guide: Interviewing and Evaluating Moms Returning to Work

By The Mom Project on December 17, 2020

Moms make workplaces better. Our WerkLab data proves it out. Having working mothers as part of the team makes for more positive employee experiences...

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How to Write a Mom-Friendly Job Description

By The Mom Project on November 13, 2020

Making sure you’re writing a job description that accurately reflects the role responsibilities and attracts the right candidates can feel like a job...

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