The Three C's of Remote Work

Employees want more flexibility in the workplace, but many companies struggle to respond. According to The Future is Flexible: The Importance of Flexibility in the Modern Workplace, only 47% of employees feel they have access to the flexibility they need.

10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_cultureOnly 47% of employees feel they have access to the flexibility they need.

Creating a successful remote work experience will be critical for companies—both now and long-term. The first step is understanding the drivers that matter most to employees. WerkLabs uncovered the key drivers to creating an engaged and productive remote workforce. We put together a helpful guide for the three key areas managers should focus on as they lead a remote workforce.

Here are key questions to address within your leadership team if you’re ready to talk about remote work. 

1. Communication  10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_communication

  • How often should team members check in with managers and leadership?
  • How should managers best communicate with their remote team?
  • What should whole team communications contain in order to be most effective?
  • How will company leadership quickly train managers on what's necessary to keep in touch with employees and keep projects moving forward?
  • How will company leadership communicate with transparency?

Tip: Touch points with individuals and your team are important, but avoid “Zoom fatigue” and video call burnout by deciding what priorities need to be a video meeting versus what can be worked through or discussed over email/chat.


2. Collaboration  10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_hand-shake

  • What channels serve best for various types of communications?
  • When should teams use video conferencing or phone? Company chat system or email? Text?
  • What equipment do employees need to effectively work remotely?
  • Do equipment and technology needs vary by teams or individuals?
  • What are optimal ways for managers to keep up with team projects to ensure quality and content?

Tip: As you think about communication channels, it's critical to identify what content can and should be accessed after the communication is delivered - such as when new team members are onboarded, or as needed for historical reference.


3. Culture  10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_culture

  • What are the best ways to keep up morale, especially for team members who are potentially more isolated?
  • How will managers identify employees who need more coaching versus less coaching during remote work?
  • How will company leadership keep employees future focused and looking forward?
  • What are effective remote leadership skills and how will managers be trained on them?
  • How will the company keep up with Corporate Social Responsibility efforts?
10192-_Community_Blog_Icons_TipWant to learn more about the employee experience? Watch our webinar featuring WerkLabs President Dr. Pam Cohen.


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