The Mom Project’s proprietary Maternityship® program provides backfill coverage for employees who take parental leave, ensuring continuity of coverage through employees’ time away with family while giving other moms and dads an opportunity to keep their skills current at a great company.



Supporting Parents. Delivering for companies.


At The Mom Project, we believe in creating workplaces where both parents and companies can feel at ease about parental leave. That’s why we’re proud to help companies elevate their parental leave offerings with our Maternityship® program, which helps businesses prioritize both business and family success.

Family-friendly programs aren’t just good for moms — they’re good for businesses and society as a whole. Connect with us today to learn more about how our Maternityship® program can help transform your business into a future focused company.

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Finding and retaining top talent will continue to be a challenge


The job market is only getting tighter. Couple that with women opting out of work either by choice or necessity due to rising costs of child care — and a company’s ability to hire top talent will be exponentially impacted. 

83% of working moms will leave a job for a position that better supports their work-life considerations.

43% of women leave the workforce after having children.

Replacing an employee who leaves after childbirth can cost over 200% of annual salary.

With more than 1.2 million users on our platform, and growing, we believe it is more important than ever to support parents in the workforce.

What Employers & Moms Need: Maternityships®


Parental leave can result in critical skill gaps in organizations for prolonged periods. Offering and supporting parental leave through our Maternityship® program gives parents the space to do the important work of bonding with their child while ensuring business continuity, driving better outcomes for everyone.

Increased Retention

Increased Retention

Employer Morale

Improved Employee Morale

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

How our Maternityship® program works

Connect Qualified Talent with Companies

We connect qualified, diverse talent with companies who need backfill coverage during a parental leave.

Employee Leave

The employee on leave can enjoy their family bonding time, knowing that their work is being covered.

Businesses Thrive

Business continues as normal, alleviating stress on management and internal teams.

A Maternityship® in action: Case Study

The Mom Project and Etsy are proud partners

The Mom Project is proud to partner with Etsy to help secure backfill coverage, allowing Etsy's employees peace of mind when they decide to take leave. To date, The Mom Project has filled nearly 200 roles with Etsy. These roles were a mix of Maternityship backfills and full-time positions, all across functions.

"The Mom Project is one of our original and key partners in our leave coverage program. Their dedicated support in identifying high-quality talent within a short time-frame is key to this program. It’s great to have a partner with such commitment to supporting moms that aligns with Etsy’s parental leave plan goals."

- Steve Meservey, Sr. Manager of Global Benefits, Etsy

Employers across the country are generously expanding
parental leaves for working families. Join Them!

Do you already offer a parental leave program? Work with The Mom
Project to elevate your program, and elevate your brand as an employer of choice. Together we can support and retain new parents while simultaneously maintaining productivity and achieving business goals.

Connect with us today to learn how Maternityship® programming can transform your organization and be a part of our next chapter.