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Providing opportunities for mom together

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About Meta Reconnect


The Reconnect Program at Meta aims to help legal professionals who have paused their careers for any of a multitude of reasons to flex back into the workforce while simultaneously supporting Meta’s aggressive D&I initiatives by providing an incredibly capable and diverse - yet often overlooked -  talent pool of experienced legal professionals. 

Working at Meta via the Reconnect Program provides the opportunity to refresh your skills, gain new experience, and build confidence in a supportive, structured 12 month program. Reconnect 2022, targeted to kick-off on or around March 1, 2022, builds upon two successful past iterations of the program and is supported by a dedicated program team composed of leaders, program managers, and fellow returnees.

Candidates must have a minimum two year break in employment to be considered for this program.

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Why the Meta Reconnect Program?

The legal field is rigorous and demanding; many choose or need to step away at some point for personal reasons, which can include parenting, caring for aging parents, managing through personal illness, or following a relocating spouse.

Through the Reconnect Program at Meta, we are embracing this reality and honoring the choices individuals make along the way to support both their personal and professional goals.

“Women disproportionately leave positions at law firms once they have children, so there are all of these brilliant attorneys out there who have so much talent, amazing experience, and stellar credentials, and yet they have this gap in their resumé. We wanted to create an on-ramp for people with a career pause to relaunch their careers.”


-Nikki Sokol,
Director & Associate General Counsel

Nikki Sokol

"After being out of the workforce for a number of years, I'm fairly certain that the only way I could have gotten my foot in the door at a company like Meta was through a program like Reconnect. The year gave me the chance to dust off and build upon old skills, regain my confidence and learn a ton in a very welcoming and supportive space. My Meta manager was an amazing mentor, who took the time to teach me and share his experience and insights into a practice area and industry that were largely new to me. This program has literally changed my life, and I am so grateful to Meta and the Mom Project for making it possible."


- Reconnect Talent Participant