Building the right team is vital for business success. 

Moms know how to stay nimble and drive value for companies. They are committed. They are proficient. And they offer a fresh perspective that can transform the way you work. Small business owners hire moms with The Mom Project.

Join us for a Workshop series with sessions that deep dive into recent Werklabs Research studies relevant to your business and be delivered straight to your inbox!


What you'll learn in these weekly workshop sessions:

  • Week 1: The Business Case for Workplace Flexibility 
    Hear the latest data insights from Werklabs, The Mom Project's research division, and a leading company as they reveal the shifting drivers influencing today's top talent and share best practices on navigating the world of flexible work.
  • Week 2: How to Attract and Retain Talent with Flexible Work
    Tune in to see how attracting and retaining superior talent starts with the job description and continues inside your workplace culture.
  • Week 3: A Fresh Take on Inclusive Hiring Practices
    Learn new concepts in inclusive hiring to ensure your organization gains the unrecognized value overlooked by an ATS screened-out approach.
  • Week 4: A Case Study of Successful Contingent Work
    Curious about what drives a successful workforce? In this session, we hear how SMBs can pursue and replicate a successful contingent workforce model from a best-in-class leader and the latest data explaining why it works!

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