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It doesn’t take much to see how jobs have been impacted during the pandemic, especially for working moms. The past couple of years has only amplified the estimated 43% of highly skilled women who leave the workforce after becoming mothers. Among mothers of children 13 or younger, the proportion who were employed in September, 2021 was nearly 4% below where it was before the pandemic. For fathers of the same aged children, the decline was just 1%. The Mom Project’s mission is to create economic opportunities for women so they don’t have to choose between motherhood and their careers. We were thrilled to join forces with Meta (formerly Facebook) the past couple of years to try and reverse this trend. 

The Reconnect Program at Meta was built to help legal professionals who have paused their careers to flex back into the workforce while supporting Meta’s aggressive D&I initiatives. As an established, strategic supplier in Meta’s Contingent Workforce Program, our goal is to provide a capable, experienced, diverse pool of talented legal professionals. Through our shared mission, we are proud to say this program has doubled every year.

“Through the Reconnect Program at Meta, we are embracing this reality displaying our respect for the choices individuals make along the way to support both their personal and professional goal and ultimately bringing an incredibly valuable and diverse talent pool to flex back into the work.” - Reconnect Hiring Manager

How does the program work?

Reconnect 2022, targeted to kick-off on March 1, 2022, builds upon two successful past iterations of the program and has an incredible support team of leaders, program managers, and fellow returnees dedicated to making the program – and its participants – a success. 

To be considered for the program, candidates must have a two-year gap in their employment, honoring “the choices individuals make along the way to support both their personal and professional goals.”

Interested candidates simply log onto our dedicated landing page, where they can search available roles, and apply to those of interest. All of these roles are 12 months in length and many past candidates went on to receive full-time offers once the contract period was over. If selected, candidates will go through an interview process and if it’s a fit, they will be extended an offer. 

One of the biggest differentiators comes in how The Mom Project engages talent during that time. We believe this makes a big difference in how they will work with Meta. We’re not only finding roles for moms and caregivers, we’re providing mentorship, resume support, interview prep, career development, virtual learning, and workshops – all with the goal of getting them back to work in a career they’ll thrive.

"After being out of the workforce for a number of years, I'm fairly certain that the only way I could have gotten my foot in the door at a company like Meta was through a program like Reconnect. The year gave me the chance to dust off and build upon old skills, regain my confidence and learn a ton in a very welcoming and supportive space.” - Reconnect Talent Participant

What’s in it for candidates?

Besides working with a trusted partnership like the one we have with Meta, the Reconnect Program provides participants with the ability to refresh their skills, gain new experience, and build confidence in a structured program with all the support necessary to hit the ground running after a pause in employment. We know it can feel overwhelming to rejoin the workforce, and we’re committed to making this process as seamless as possible in one of the most sought-after companies to work. 

Given 86% of working mothers said they would leave a job for an opportunity that better supports their work and life considerations, all parties understand the need for flexibility and support.  

“For several years, I'd been thinking about going back to work, but had all the typical concerns about reentry after a long hiatus and wasn't sure how to go about getting my foot in the door. I could not be more excited to go back to work, and am so grateful to the Mom Project and Facebook for recognizing the value of people like myself, who have taken time off from their careers for caregiving, and for creating this amazing opportunity.” - Inger Meyer, Research Collaborations

Like many professional careers, those in the legal profession often worry that a break in employment will limit their chances of climbing the corporate ladder or being considered for strategic roles within an organization. Add to that the concern when returning over long hours, a lack of flexibility, or the expectation of frequent travel. The Mom Project and Meta aim to limit those fears by providing opportunities within many legal fields, including commercial transactions, product, legal/risk, IP litigations, investigations, and more – all aimed at professionals who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time. 

If you are looking to restart your career, why not do so with two organizations committed to diversity, support, and furthering your success? Once you apply, an internal sourcing team will reach out to get the ball rolling. We are excited to work with you!


Check out the available Meta Reconnect roles here! 

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