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Topic: Parents Work

Your Advocacy Toolkit

By Colleen Curtis on March 8, 2021

Why Hire Moms? Moms are one of the largest segments of diverse talent in today’s workforce. If you’re not tapping into this talent pool, you’re...

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Powering Parental Leave

By Pam Cohen, PhD on November 12, 2020

Becoming a parent is a game-changer. Adjustments to be made. Transitions to navigate. Truly the world is never again the same—particularly for...

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Are You Ready for Your Employee’s Leave?

By The Mom Project on November 12, 2020

Want to make planning for a team member’s leave more manageable? Think of it in three phases—pre-leave, leave and post-leave, then roll out resources...

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How to Help Moms Successfully Return to Work

By The Mom Project on November 12, 2020

Taking into consideration the reasons moms re-enter the workforce is key to attracting and retaining motivated top talent. To uncover the four most...

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